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My Bootleg Trade Page
Rules - Good/Bad Traders

Here are my trading rules and a listing of good and bad traders I've come across.


1. Tell me if you want to trade with artwork and/or jewel cases. If you don't, I'll assume you don't want them.

2. One CD-R bootleg = One CD-R bootleg = 2 blank CD-Rs (3 if you want artwork and/or jewel cases). One CD-R = $5 ($6 if you want artwork).

3. I ship Airmail and expect you to do the same for me.

4. If I've never traded with you, you ship first. If we've traded before, we can ship at the same time.

5. After we've set a trade, I expect your part of the trade or payment in my mailbox within two weeks. Don't waste my time and then decide the deal is off.

Good Traders

(listed by their username)
Rat Face
mrs. molko
Bleeding Doll
Twisted Petals
beauty process

Bad Traders